About Us

Cornerstone Healthcare Solutions


ornerstone Healthcare Solutions was started by a Physician Assistant, Physical Therapist and Physical Therapy Assistant in July of 2012. The idea to start a new therapy company in Southwest Ohio arose out of the pleas of local home health agencies for a reliable, efficient contract therapy service. Our forward thinking, innovative way of approaching therapy and therapy administration has set us apart from our competitors. Since origination, our presence as the premier local therapy service has grown exponentially, and we have continued to provide superior patient care through our highly skilled and compassionate therapy staff.


Highly Skilled Staff

Our therapists have a wide range of expertise from all patient care settings. We are up to date with current therapy strategies and skills, achieved by continuing education and company supported educational activities.


Accurate & Timely Documentation

Every week appropriate documentation is available having been through quality assurance and chart audits to ensure accuracy and completion.



Competitive Rates

With our Fair Rate Structure, you can be assured you will receive best rates possible.


Partnership with Mutual Growth

Since we provide therapy services exclusively, we are able to partner with you in marketing and patient acquisition.



Compassionate Care Givers

Our therapists understand the frustrations patients may experience due to their diagnoses and work compassionately with our patients and their families to encourage them through their healing process.


Innovative Thinking & Development

Creative thinking and reinventing dated practices is what has made our company the most trusted, efficient and quality therapy provider in the area. We are continually innovating and improving patient care.