Our innovative communication network surpasses the expectations of all our clients, and is unsurpassed among our competitors. We have found that utilizing all forms of communication (phone, email, fax and internet), with their individual strengths, makes for the best approach for timely and effective communication. We have created a secure, HIPAA compliant website that has many features and continues to be developed.


Timely Evaluations

Our policy is to have new referrals seen within 48 hours, but many are seen within 24 hours. Our therapists are divided into regions allowing them to pick up new patients on short notice. Evaluation documentation is available 24 hours after visit completion to allow for rapid physician signature turnaround.


Patient Respect

Our therapists understand the great responsibility that comes with entering a patient's home. We are merely guests who are there to help them. With this idea in mind, our therapists never just “show up” at a patient's home without first arranging a mutually agreeable visit time. Our therapist also understand that even though a patient is home bound, they still may have very full and busy schedules. Therefore, each patient is given the opportunity to identify a schedule that works best for them.


Challenging Patients

Our therapists are experienced in building rapport with even the most challenging of patients. Their compassion and knowledge of disease processes allow them to find treatments well-suited to any patient with any diagnosis.